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Not car news, but news nonetheless.  I’ve just published my first ebook as Cole St. James.  Look for Cold Cold Blood on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.  Old Dead Cold is available now as well.  

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2016 Car Show Season

It’s official. The 2016 car show season has begun. I must apologize as I did a terrible job keeping track of the events we attended in 2015. I was lazy, I guess, but in my defense it was a terrible season for car shows. It began extremely cool and wet then became extremely hot. We seem to be a fair weather couple and only attend those when the weather is perfect. Hopefully we will attend more shows this summer. I plan to do a better job keeping up with my posts.


2015 Car Show Season

The 2015 car show season has arrived. Actually it started a month ago but we went to our first event just yesterday. Read the comments for more information.

2014 Car Show Season

The 2014 car show season has begun. Just like the 2013 season, we began with a cruise-in at Set’Em Up Jack’s. This is a monthly cruise-in. We enjoy this event and try to attend every month. There have been a few times the weather didn’t cooperate. But as long as it is dry, we can go even if only for a short period of time. It will be interesting to see how soon we actually travel to a car show this year. 2013 we didn’t attend one until May 4.


2013 Car Show Season

Here it is May 17 and I have not yet written in my diary. Shame on me. We have been to a couple of cruise-ins at Set-em Up Jack’s but not a car show. It has been a most unusual spring in Kansas. We even had snow at the first of May. No, it didn’t accumulate but considering we could see it in the air at this time of the year is very strange. Looks like we will get to our first car show this Saturday. Weather forecast is good. Here is to a great season seeing many outstanding vehicles and visiting with good friends.


Update of WordPress

I want to thank my son for coming over to help me update WordPress. I am once again excited about learning how to do something new. Hope to be able to get a photo of my husband’s ride on the front page soon. Stay tuned.

Wife’s diary

I am going to keep track of places we have been, things we have done, as well as cars we have seen.