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I am going to keep track of places we have been, things we have done, as well as cars we have seen.

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  1. SallyC Says:

    Car Cruise

    Went on our first car cruise in Manhattan in August. It was very enjoyable but being one of the older couples attending I did worry about the speed of some of the drivers. I guess I was showing my age. Lots of very good looking cars.

  2. SallyC Says:

    Chapman Car Show – Labor Day weekend – We attended this car show for the 2nd year in a row. I really enjoyed myself. It is very well organized. They judge the vehicles as soon as they arrive and are ready to give out the trophies at promptly 3 p.m. There were many beautiful cars this year inlcuding a Hurst 442. Although not as many cars as in 2006, this was definitely an enjoyable day.

  3. SallyC Says:

    Beloit Car Show – We watched the weather all week for Saturday, September 15. Perfect. Sunny and 72. The weather slowly changed as the week passed. 20%, 40%, and then 60% chance of rain. And that was what is was, rainy and cold. We had a high of 51. Consequently, we didn’t go. We were disappointed as both of us enjoy this show and have gone for several years

  4. SallyC Says:

    September 29, 2007, we attended the Clay Center car show. We tried to go to this the previous Saturday. Got all the way to Clay Center and no cars in the park. The husband had just assumed it was that day. He hadn’t bother to check the flyer. Go figure. Anyway, there were lots of very nice cars there. A bigger show than 2006. My favorite was a Studebaker pickup. (Was there ever such a thing?) The worst thing about the day was the incredibly strong winds. We even left before the awards were given. Just tired of being blown to bits.

  5. SallyC Says:

    We are going to be moving at the end of May. We carefully looked and looked at houses. The house had to have a 2 car garage to accomodate the Camaro as well as another vehicle. Well, the new house does accomodate 2 cars. Unfortunately, my measurements of the garage were not very good. It is much shorter than our current garage. Not sure if we can get all of James’s tools in. So far, he has been very good about this. I am a bit afraid of what his reaction is going to be when we actually start taking the tools, etc. from the old place to the new place.

  6. SallyC Says:

    Well, we have moved into the house. Fortunately, the Camaro fits and we can get another car in as well. Unfortunately, the workbench area is much smaller than our former house. To make enough room for James to get the Camaro out, we have to move both of the other cars. Could be worse but could be much, much, better.

  7. SallyC Says:

    We went to our first car show yesterday since moving. It was in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Lots of nice cars but no other third gen vehicles. James was hoping to see more of those after our move. It was a cloudy, windy, very muggy day. There was much going on at this car show. Many, many vendors.

  8. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday we attended a car show in Raytown, Missouri. It was held at the Dick Smith Ford dealership. It was a benefit and all proceeds were given to REAP (anyway, I thought that was what they annouced.) Not very many cars, just over 50. There were some very nice rides. There was another 3rd gen which pleased James. The owner of that car was 71 so James felt quite the youngster. He also visited with a fellow who was 80. He couldn’t believe how young these two guys looked. I am sure it has nothing to do with his age. Air conditioning was working in the Camaro which made the trip home much more pleasant than coming home from Lees Summit. All in all a good day.

  9. SallyC Says:

    On Saturday, James went to a car show held in Kief’s parking lot. It wasn’t until evening and the weather was beautiful. I went to a baby shower before coming. There were many nice cars including another 3rd gen. I think he enjoyed visiting with the others that were there. This was the first event that he had gone to in Lawrence. We also discovered Biggs BBQ so the evening was really nice.

  10. SallyC Says:

    We went to the Vinyards Grand Classic car show close to Smithville, Missouri. It took us about an hour to get there. We were pretty late in arriving as we stopped by the garage sale at Blue Collar Press on our way out of town. We took the route by KCI. Pretty smooth drive except for the fact that we had a bit of trouble getting into the car show. Did a little extra driving to get to the entrance. Our usual trick of getting a bit lost. The car show was nice. We were the last car to enter and were entry #157. Nice cars. Awards were given shortly after 1 so we thought the length of the show was great. No entry fee. There were some vendors and food was very inexpensive. This was held in the parking lot of a Vineyard church. It was very hot but some nice men let me sit under their tent. I thought it was public but it wasn’t. Oops. James decided we should come through Tonganoxie on our way home. Nice drive but we were just whipping down the highway in that town at a nice clip of 54. Naturally, the local police didn’t think it was too cool. First ticket that James had gotten in years. The last one was in the Camaro as well.

  11. SallyC Says:

    We went to the best car show I have ever attended yesterday. It was the Camaro Car Fest in Riverside, Missouri. Less than an hour from our place. The weather was about perfect. I was actually cold sitting under the tree for awhile in the morning. This was a Camaro show and for the first time there were probably a dozen third gen cars. There were 154 registered Camaros with the majority being first gen cars. James won his class which was awesome because he wasn’t the only one there. We left the house about 9 and returned about 5:30 or 6. Didn’t actually look. So the weather was great, other Camaros, third gens, and IROCs.

    This was the first park show we had attended since moving to Lawrence. I discovered yesterday why most of the shows are held in parking lots. Many car owners do not want to drive their cars in the mud. Well, it wasn’t muddy. This park was on the edge of a river and there was a wonderful playground for those people who had children with them. There were some families there although I must admit the majority of people were men around James’s age. Anyway, they looked James’s age. I loved being in a park as it wasn’t as hot as sitting on cement. It was a nice setting. Hope we get to go next year.

  12. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday we attended the Raymore, Missouri, Festival in the Park Car Show. It is held in conjunction with their Festival in the Park. Lots of vendors as well as a carnival. Also a parade which caused problems for us to get to the park. There were a couple of cars show we could have attended yesterday but chose this one because it was in the park. Wise choice. Plenty of shade although we had to move from where we first parked because we were under a walnut tree. The day started with a bit of frustration because of the parade as it was difficult for us to get to the car show. Streets were blocked off. James finally consulted with a very friendly police woman who had us follow her to the entrance. We really appreciated that. The car had a bit of a problem on the drive over. Something to do with some fans running when the AC was not. It is always so stressful to James when anything goes wrong. The exciting part was that james won two placques. One was for top 25. There were probably about 50 cars there so it was exciting that he was in the top half. He also won best in his class which was for cars 84 and newer. Well, there were only two of those. Actually the Camaro was the newest car in the show. It was a really nice day. The weather was awesomel The awards were supposed to be at 2 but that didn’t happen until almost 3. Those were handed out quickly and we were home by 4. Great day!

  13. SallyC Says:

    We finally made it to Set’em Up Jacks cruise in on September 27. It was their last cruise in for 2008. We both really enjoyed this. We each bought a t-shirt at half price and ate supper. Because James signed in we received a 33% off food coupon at the restaurant. I was surprised at the number of cars that were there. Next time I would like to park with the car backed to 23rd Street. That way I could have sat on the grass and had a bit more shade. It will be interesting to watch the different cars that come to this each month so am looking forward to the 2009 cruise ins.

  14. SallyC Says:

    On Saturday, October 4, we attended Lone Jack (Missouri) High School’s first car show. It was a benefit for the school. Do not know what they were going to use the proceeds for. I believe there were between 60 and 70 cars. Many nice ones. The Camaro, of course, was one of the newer ones. This was held in their parking lot but because of the time of year was not hot. It was a lovely facility with a good concession stand. It was a beautiful day. The drive from Lawrence was around an hour. It was unusual that a 1972 truck won best of show.

  15. SallyC Says:

    We attended the Lake Garnett Cruisers car show yesterday. This is done in conjunction with the Garnett annual Cornstock festival. It had been re-scheduled from September 13. It was okay but not great. There were some nice vehicles including a very interesting 1939 Ford (?) project car. It looked terrible but I guess that is why it is a project. It had air bags. I wish I would have seen it arrive. The day started out foggy and damp but the sun came out. I think this was the first car show that I wanted to sit in the sun and not under a tree. It was cold when you weren’t in the sunshine. We did not stay for the awards.

  16. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday we were going to attend our first car show of the season. We thought the one in Atchison looked very promising and the drive up would take us through unseen territory. Unfortunately before we left town the weather to the west just didn’t look good. We decided to go see the Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs instead.

    Much to my husband’s surprise, this was very interesting. He remembered playing marbles as a child. There was a marble making demonstration. We did get in rain on the way over so it was a good thing the Camaro was in the garage.

    After returning home, we attended the Set ‘Em Up Jack’s Cruise In. We think there were 10 cars in attendance. James registered as number 9. He sure did enjoy visiting with the car owners who were there. We only had the Camaro there for about an hour. The skies were very dark. Hopefully next month there will be more cars, The son and his family came and ate supper with us. Watched the semi-final game between Michigan State and UConn which was won by Michigan St. We really enjoyed ourselves.

  17. SallyC Says:

    We attended our first car show of the season in Gardner on Saturday, April 25. We worried about the weather but there was only a 30 percent chance of rain which wasn’t supposed to arrive until after 1. It was very windy with the temperatures in the low 70s. This was held at the Wheatfield Middle School. There were several food venders including Wally’s Bar & Grill that had great hamburgers. The show had a large number of wonderful cars. There was also a large number of rat rods. These are very unique vehicles. The organizers did a great job of putting this show together and handed out the awards early due to the weather that was to eventually arrive. Unfortunately, there really wasn’t a class for the Camaro. I think James still enjoyed having his car in the show. The trip to and from was on roads we really hadn’t traveled before. We took county roads most of the way. Didn’t get lost once on the way there but did have a bit of trouble getting out of town. Gardner isn’t much more than 30 minutes so it was a very nice distance.

  18. SallyC Says:

    We attended the 2nd 2009 Set’em Up Jack’s Cruise In yesterday evening. There were many more cars than the one in April. James was able to get acquainted with several young fellows from Lawrence Tuners. Their cars were all small foreign vehicles. They were pretty awesome. There was one that had a Ford V8 engine transplant so it would have shot down the road quickly. There was also one that the owner had created a very unique hood. It was very shiny metal and he had cut in the vents. We also visited with the couple who have a very nice turquoise hot rod. Dennis and Dora, I believe. We parked next to them in Gardner last week. Of course, we ate at Set’em Up Jacks. Good as usual.

  19. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday we attended the “Rumble in Raytown” which was held at the First Baptist Church parking lot on highway 350. It was a very nice location although if the weather had been hot there was no available shade. It was sunny, cool, and breezy. I used a blanket while I was sitting and reading. The highlight of the day was that there was another 3rd gen car. We parked next to it and James had a great time visiting with Nick about his car. I think they are both very particular about itsy bitsy things on their vehicles. James’s car is considered modified and Nick’s is custom. There was no class for James’s car yesterday so they placed him in the 1975 to 1995 stock division. He won that division. Nick also won his division so it was a great day for 3rd gen Camaros. This car show is scheduled to be at the same location next year as well. They believe it will be the 3rd Saturday in May although the date could change.

  20. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday we attended the Abdallah Shrine Car show that was in conjunction with their rodeo in Tonganoxie, Kansas. Once again there was no class that was very good for the IROC. James was in the Street Cars from 1943 to present. He was really competing with some really fantastic cars from the much earlier eras. Also, they didn’t have a decent food stand. If we had realized we were so close to town, we would have walked over to Casey’s and picked something up there. It was only in the low 80s but certainly gave us an idea of what it was going to be like in the heat of summer. The cars were parked on grass which I think helps. I also found a nice shading spot to put our chairs and it was a nice day to read outside. James did get to visit with some other car dudes which is always nice. His car was the only 3rd gen. There were a number of 1st gens and one 4th gen. No 2nd generation Camaros. We left about 2 as there was no possibility of an award and we had been there long enough. We do know that the entry fee goes to a good cause which is always good to know.

  21. SallyC Says:

    James and I attended a car show in Belton, Missouri, yesterday. This was on a Sunday which was unusual. There were over 40 plaques to be given but the winners of each plaque were picked by the business supplying the plaque. Consequently, we only stayed until around 3 and did not wait for the awards. We also went late as the registration was from 8 until 1. It was going to be in the low 90s and thought it would be better to not suffer to long. Because of our late arrival we had to park at the end of a long downtown. For quite awhile, we thought we would be the very last entry but several cars came after we did. I did find a place to sit in the shade so did not over heat. We ate at a very unique cafe, Tara’s Cafe & Malt Shop. I felt like we had stepped into the past. There was another 3rd gen Camaro which is always nice.

  22. SallyC Says:

    We attended the Dick Smith Charity Cruise In yesterday in Raytown, Missouri. It was a cool, cloudy day. Perfect weather for a cruise in. We arrived between 11:30 and 12 and departed between 1:30 and 2. Just enough time to see all the cars, although there weren’t many. Myabe 50 if I stretch my imagination. They provided hot dogs, chips, and drink which was really nice. We enjoyed ourselves and it was a good day to take a little cruise in the Camaro. A most unusual vehicle arrived right before we left. It was a GranPrixCameroStudebaker. I was quite impressed with the way this had been put together. A one-of-a-kind vehicle.

  23. SallyC Says:

    On August 1 we once again attended Set ’em Up Jack’s month cruise in. James helped our son move a refrigerator into their new home before we attended. James had also been suffering a good case of poison ivy so wasn’t feeling the best. Consequently, we did not stay very long. Maybe an hour. We didn’t even eat which is very unusual. There were quite a few cars there and James did get to visit for a bit. I was hoping to have time to finish the book I was reading but that didn’t happen.

  24. SallyC Says:

    On August 15 we once again attended the Camaro Fest in Riverside, Missouri. Once again I must say it is the best run car show that I have ever attended. They just do a great job. James has such a good time visiting with all of the Camaro owners. Weather was about as perfect as you could get although we did have a few sprinkles at the end of the day. This is the second year that we have attended this car show and I imagine we will keep going unless the weather is really bad. James once again won best in his class, modified 1982 through 1992.

  25. SallyC Says:

    We attended the Blue Springs 5th Annual Car Show sponsored by the First Baptist Church yesterday. The show was in their parking lot. There were very few shade spots so unless you were an early arrival sunshine it was. Yesterday it didn’t matter as it was a beautiful cool day. We had cloud cover the bulk of the day. It was great. There were 147 entries. Prizes were given for the top 25 and best of show. The IROC did not win anything. The people seemed friendly today and James visited with quite a few. One of the contestants James enjoyed talking with was a fellow with a red motorcycle. That motorcycle was one of the top 25. The entry fee was $10 which included a hot dog, chips, and drink for lunch. There were some very nice vehicles. I believe that the bulk of the top 25 were vehicles older than the IROC. This show was very organized. The awards were scheduled to be given between 1:30 and 2. They were right on schedule. The proceeds were given to Country Haven Special Care Homes a division of Missouri Baptists Children’s Home. Definitely a worthy cause. If the weather was cool, I would be glad to attend this event again. We stopped at the Blue Collar Distro annual garage sale as we were leaving town. All in all, a good day.

  26. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday, September 5, we went to Set’em Up Jack’s Cruise In. I don’t think we have missed one in 2009. This gives you an idea of what a nice summer it has been in Lawrence. The Cole Jr. family joined us for supper. Not as many cars as usual. I believe this was probably because KU played football in town. The last Cruise In is scheduled for October 3. We will probably miss that as I am hoping to go to Fort Collins to visit Penny and Don. Hopefully, we will find a few more car shows to attend this fall.

  27. SallyC Says:

    We drove over to Oak Grove, Missouri, to the Oak Grove Scholarship Car and Truck Show yesterday. It was held on the high school’s parking lot. They had the concessions open with a nice selection of lunch food. The drive took approximately an hour. It was a beautiful day to be outside. There were between 75 and 100 cars. James was number 72 and we did register close to the deadline. James came home with 2nd place in the modified cars 1976 to 1985 division. It was a hudge trophy. The awards were given promptly at 3. In fact, they started a little bit early. We always appriciate that. All and all a good day.

  28. SallyC Says:

    Saturday was a beautiful day for a car show. We attended the Cruise-In-Kansas show at the Nazarene church on road 1055 south of Lawrence between Haskell and Louisiana. Not very many cars but it was a quite enjoyable show. You can tell James is getting to know people. He was off visiting most of the day I was able to read my current book selection, Morality for Beautiful Girls, part of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. There were not any other 3rd gen vehicles but there was a 2nd gen and several 1st gens. There was a ladies choice award. I voted for a Corvair convertible. Fond memories of the one I learned to drive on. The learner Corvair was not a convertible, though. James’s car won an award. We were both surprised. It was the post 1972 division. The classes were not divided very well and winners were selected by contestants. The church had a playground that the little ones could have played on. Hopefully our children will come out for a bit next year if we attend.

  29. SallyC Says:

    James and I attended what he says will be our last car show, Turner Days, of 2009 on Saturday, October 17. We had wanted to go to Basehor on October 10 but it was just a cold blustery day. I can’t say that yesterday was much better. We have just been having miserable weather. The sun did peek out from time to time but not enough. The wind also blew. This event was not very well planned. They did not expect so many vehicles and the parking situation was not good. We ended up being very close to Turner Middle School. We were close to a car that people were hitting with a sledge hammer. Hard on the ears after awhile. Also, there were only two port-a-potties for a very large group os people. One was very dirty. Turner Days is a big event. I can’t even tell you all that was going on. We stayed until the awards were given around 3:30 which was early. I do give them credit for that. They gave awards to the top 50 and James didn’t win anything although he sure deserved to be in the top 50. James did feel that he had more people stop and visit about the IROC than many of the shows we go to. Also on the way home, the gal in the toll booth coming into Lawrence commented on the car as well as some fellows in a car waiting for the light change at 23rd and Louisiana.

  30. SallyC Says:

    James and I attended our first car show of 2010, Skills USA Car and Bike show which I believe was sponsered by Northeast Technical Center of Highland Community College. This was in Atchison which is about an hour from Lawrence. It was a beautiful sunny day although definitely windy. If it had been a hot day, it would have been miserable as there was absolutely no shade available. Probably between 50 and 60 cars. There was maybe one car there that James had seen before. My favorite was a gorgeous 1952 custom purple Chevrolet with ghost flames. James won 2nd in the stock division. I thought this was awesome as the cars were not divided up by years. The car show was next door to the Country Mart was allowed us to use their restrooms. I think this would be a good show to attend again as long as the weather is good. They had grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, and brisket for lunch. We had the brisket but thought mine was much better. We stopped at the Davids on our way home to see the progress of the house improvements that Jim is doing.

  31. SallyC Says:

    We traveled to Manhattan to the Extraordinary Fantasies Car Club 2nd Annual Car Show. There were only 37 entries so a very small show. James did receive one of the top 25 at show awards. It is always nice to get an award. It was organized well and the trophies were actually awarded as scheduled. A Volkswagon won best of show. James had a terrific time visiting with others. There were two other 3rd gen vehicles in attendance. James was able to visit with one of the owners who happened to be a soldier from Ft. Riley. Also, came across an owner he had visited with in several north central Kansas car shows. It was a much different crowd as the contestants were mostly younger instead of older. This was located on a Briggs car dealership parking lot. No shade so if it had been hot would not have been a very enjoyable day. This dealership was out near the airport and we did not even go through Manhattan. They had hot dogs for lunch. Very good and the money collected was for wounded soliders.

  32. SallyC Says:

    Last Saturday, May 1, we went to the first Cruise-In at Set-Up ’em Jack’s. We went early, ate early, and left early. When we first arrived there were not very many cars there so went ahead and ate. During the meal, Lowell from Tonganoxie sat with us. He also has a 3rd gen vehicle. When we came back out, the number of cars had increased dramatically. Jamie, the jeep dude from up the street, had arrived with his two awesome vehicles. James did have a chance to visit with quite a few car dudes and I believe he had a great time. It was a bit windy and cool but certainly nothing to complain about. We look forward to going again in June.

  33. SallyC Says:

    Once again yesterday we traveled to Manhattan, KS, for a car show. This one was sponsored by Yard Art Classic Cars. We had been to this car show several years ago while we were still living in Belleville. It was a coolish yet sunny day. There was a large number of outstanding vehicles. The show was well organized and I loved the location in the city park. I actually walked over to Aggieville to look for a magnet for the back of the car. None available that I liked. James met a fella that had a 3rd gen vehicle which he had close by but had not entered in the show. Very nice looking, I might say. Also, met Ironleg from the Kansas F Body association. James has only met two people from the two online organizations to which he belongs. At noon we ate from the Vista vendor that was parked nearby. We actually were provided with a $5 coupon for food which is one of the few shows we have attended that has supplied any food. I did not have a favorite vehicle in this show. We were a bit disappointed that James didn’t win an award. There was some kind of mistake in the entries as they announced only one winner in his class saying there had only been one entry in that class. Plaque went to somebody else. Who knows how many entries there actually were in that class. Weather permitting we will try to attend this show next year.

  34. SallyC Says:

    Friday evening we went a Cruise In at Spangles on 6th Street in Lawrence. I guess they had these last year but we were unaware. It was our first time to eat at a Spangles. We enjoyed our food and received a free ice cream cone. THe important thing, though, were the cars. James thought about 30 and Spangles is hoping to increase that number. Surprisingly, there were 2 other 3rd gen vehicles. One was Lowell from Tonganoxie. We run into him at quite a few of the local events. The other was a white with red trim owned by Josh. Funny, he actually lives very close to us in Lawrence. We had never seen his vehicle and he had never seen James’s. We were going to go to Blue Spring on Saturday but the wind was just so strong plus it was going to be in the upper 80s. Instead we attended the Art Tougeau Parade downtown. What fun that was. We also thought we might go to the VFW car show. The ad in the paper said it started at 3 pm but when we went by shortly after 3 only 1 car was there. We were probably too early and will try this show again in the future.

  35. SallyC Says:

    Attended Set ’em Up Jack’s cruise in last night. We drove over around five. James was able to park on the south edge of the parking lot. This was really nice as there was a shade tree close by for me to sit under. There were 3 Third Gen vehicles and the owner of another. What a great time for James to visit with those fellas. They were giving prizes last night. I heard number 49 called so there were at least that many vehicles there. Unfortunately, no prize for James. Many of the same cars that were at Spangles but a few others as well. It was a very pleasant evening. Weather was good. Just enough wind to not be too hot. ( If I had been in the sun, it would have been hot.)

  36. SallyC Says:

    Friday evening we went to the Spangle’s Cruise In. Made it a family affair to celebrate Father’s Day. All the kids and grandkids made it. Actually, it was pretty wild and crazy so probably not the best place to celebrate with active children. Mo was a bit late as she had gone to pick up their dog, Nero, in Manhattan. He had had a leg removed due to a cancerous tumor. He seems to be doing well. There were four 3rd gen vehicles there. That always makes for a good time for James. On Saturday we were going to go to Belleville for their car show but as we were getting ready to leave the weather forecast turned bad. Just don’t take the Camaro out in bad weather. Both Belleville and Lawrence had pretty good storms that day.

  37. SallyC Says:

    Attended the 10th River Run Youth Benefit Car and Bike show in Independence, Missouri, yesterday. This was on the banks of the Missouri River which was about to come out of its banks if it wasn’t already. The river was moving very rapidly. Because we were in a park along side the river, it probably wasn’t as hot as it could have been. As it was, it was a very hot day. There were about 125 cars, no other IROCZs which is always a disappointment. We arrived around 11 and the awards were at 2. Very punctual. They had trouble with the speaker system for the awards which really prolonged the ceremony. Other than that a fairly good day. No awards for James this time. Bathrooms weren’t too nice. Vender for food. James had a hamburger and I had a hot dog. I believe I got the better deal. Took us about an hour to get there. Not a long drive.

  38. SallyC Says:

    We ate at Set’em Up Jack’s Friday night. Didn’t actually attend the cruise in as it was rainy. No bad storms just rain. To our surprise there were a few cars there. One has to admire those that bring the vehicles out in the rain. Food was good as usual and James did get to visit with some car guys for awhile.

  39. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, July 10, we attended the Methodist Church of the Resurrection Car Show. It was on their parking lot which, naturally, made it seem hotter than it was. All in all, it was a very organized show. It was slow getting registered but once that was done, all went well. They had us park with plenty of distance between the cars. Much better for putting up one’s lawn chairs and umbrellas to ward off the sun. Not sure how many cars were registered but there were some beautiful vehicles. Several that I had never even heard of before, i.e. Bricklen (?). I was quite impressed. james did win first place in his division which was 1975 through 1989 stock. Of course, his car is a beautiful car. Food was good and reasonably priced. The show was scheduled from 9 to 1. We were there by 8:45 maybe a touch before. Awards were presented shortly before 1. Even though it was in a parking lot, I would be glad to attend this event again.

  40. SallyC Says:

    We attended a couple of things over the weekend. Friday night was Spangles monthly cruise in. It is always enjoyable. I had never eaten at a Spangles until we started attending the cruise ins. I like the food. There were more cars this time than last. Saturday we went to Atchison (for the 2nd time this year) to the car show that was held in conjunction with their Amelia Earhart festival. They didn’t think there would be very many cars but it was difficult for all of them in to get in the bank’s parking lot. Next year they definitely need to find a bigger location. There were many nice cars. We were impresssed. They were 15 awards which were chosen by the participants. it was extremely hot so we left before the trophies were given. The Camaro very rarely will win a participant choice award. We did find some shade under a tree which helped. We do prefer to go to car shows that are held in the park. There were no food vendors at the car show but there were some in the area of the festival. A very short walking distance. We actually walked to a Long John Silver’s to so could enjoy some air conditioning for a bit.

  41. SallyC Says:

    Last night we once again attended Set’em Up Jack’s month cruise in. The number of cars was the largest of the cruise ins that we have attended this year. There were some vehicles which we had never seen. As usual, we both enjoyed ourselves. Looking forward to the one in September.

  42. SallyC Says:

    We attended the Leavenworth Cruisers 24th Annual Car Show in Leavenworth, KS, on Saturday. It was about a 45 minute drive for us. We drove north through Eudora so we were on roads we had never driven before. A very nice drive. Thanks to some recent rains, it was green. Drove over the Kansas river which was the fullest I had ever seen. There were 138 cars in attendance and some very, very nice ones. There was another 3rd gen whose owner was very young. He really didn’t have much in common with James. More 2nd gens than I had seen at a show before. There 50 awards chosen by the attendees. We were disappointed when 3 very new cars were included in these 50. We did not stay for the special awards and James did not win a trophy. It was still very hot and people had to find shade to sit in. The food at the vendor was good. They had potato salad as well as baked beans to go with the hot dogs and hamburgers. Restrooms were inside which is always welcome in my opinion.

  43. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday we attended our 3rd Camaro Fest in Riverside, MO. It was the 22nd Camaro Fest in Riverside. This is one of our favorite events because it is all Camaros. I believe that every year there are more 3rd gen vehicles which is great for James. He once again won Class Champion for the 1982-1992 modifieds. It is the 3rd time he has won. There is more competition every year. James always gets so many compliments on his car at this show. It was hot this year. We did find a nice shady place to park. We could sit by the car all day. That’s what I do, of course, while reading a book. James is off visiting quite a bit of the time. He does like to gab about the 3rd gens. The food was great. This is just a well organized car show. We hope the weather cooperates again next year.

  44. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday James attended the 2010 North Topeka Kiwanis Classic Car Show at Spangles in North Topeka. It was a sunny warm day. A good day for a car show. I didn’t go because I went to lunch with my friend, Soni, in Overland Park. James did not win his class which was 1975 to 1989 cars. Lost out to a Monte Carlo. Can you believe that? This show had registration from 11 to 2 which is unusual. Awards were at 4 and they were presented pretty much on time. It was held on a parking lot and there were some trees around the perimeter. Maybe I will get to go next year. We both arrived home around 5.

  45. SallyC Says:

    Before I forget, I need to mention that we went to Set’Em Up Jack’s cruise in last Saturday, September 4. The crowd was smaller than some of the cruise ins that we have attended. KU had a football game in town at 6. I imagine that did have some impact on the crowd. We are off to Topeka this morning. We need to walk and go to the Farmer’s Market before leaving town. It will be a busy morning. The David family is taking a cross country trip from Jim’s folks home today. I will be checking in with them from time to time.

  46. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday we attended the Mother Theresa of Calcutta Catholic Church car show. This was held in conjunction with a fall festival that they were having. There were 78 cars in attendance. The judging was by participants. James never wins a trophy when it is participant judging. Well, maybe once. There were no other 3rd gen vehicles but he did have lots of lookers yesterday. This could be because there were so many in attendance at the festival. This must be a very active church. There were many things for the children to do. Our meal was provided with the entry fee to the car show. This is very, very unusual. They also had many different types of sandwiches to choose from as well as pie for dessert. We both chose pecan pie. Low cal, I am sure. It was a beautiful day. Sunny and in the upper 70s. A bit breezy but nothing to complain about. We were late arriving but we weren’t the last car to enter. Our late arrival probably had something to do with no trophy. Most of the participants had voted by the time we arrived. Next year we will know to leave town sooner.

  47. SallyC Says:

    I have been remiss in not adding to this journal for a couple of weeks. We did attend the Spangle’s Cruise In on Friday, September 17. There were fewer cars in attendance. I think you could tell that school is in session and high school football season has begun. KU also had the very unusual Friday night game in town. We were going to attend the car show in Riverside, MO, on Saturday, September 18. At the last minute because the day just didn’t seem right for it. There was going to be quite a bit of traffic on our way home as the end of the K-State/Iowa State football game at Arrowhead was going to be over about that time. Then there was a Royal’s game starting not long after that. We really don’t like city driving. Yesterday, Saturday, September 25, we were going to the Cruise In Kansas which is in Lawrence. Unfortunately, it started raining lightly. It never rained very hard nor did it storm. But who wants to sit around in wet weather. James wanted to pick up some items at Home Depot in Topeka. They weren’t available in Lawrence. So we drove over and picked those up followed by a nice meal at Applebees. Drove home and was able to see K-State come from behind and win their football game. Sure hope the weather is good next week. Car show season is winding down.

  48. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday James attended the car show held at Broken Arrow Park in Lawrence. I went to Tonganoxie with Hannah and the girls for the city wide garage sale. Weather was cool but a great day for garage sale. It would have been a bit cool sitting in the park reading during the car show. I did return in time to eat lunch with James. We had our first Indian Tacos and they were so good. Of course, I was terribly shocked to see how many calories they had. No wonder they were so delicious. Navajo Fry Bread fried right on the spot. Very impressive. James did not actually register the Camaro as he had been lead to believe that the awards wouldn’t be until 6. He knew he didn’t want to stay that long. We went to the Cruise In at Set’em Up Jack’s after that. There were more cars attending than we expected. This is the last one of the season. Actually, some cars that we had never seen before that were just very nice. There is an antique car show in Lawrence today so I wonder if some of them were already in town for that show. I have Babe’s Brunch with the gals this morning so need to get ready. I do believe we will attend at least one more car show this season so you should hear from me again.

  49. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, October 9, we attended Freddy’s Frozen Custard car show in Lawrence. There were between 15 and 20 cars in attendance. The winners were chosen by customer’s from Freddy’s. So an unusual car show. it was a beautiful day to be outside. I enjoyed sitting in my chair and reading. There was a 2nd gen Camaro that we parked beside. James visited with the owner. We was 80 and looked great. He also had some interesting life stories that he shared with James. No prize for Camaros but we did get 50 percent off of our meal at Freddy’s. There was no fee for this show. It was a good day even though it was a small show.

  50. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, October 16, we went to Horton to a car show. It was farther than we normally travel, 90 minutes. The day was so beautiful it would have been a shame to not be outside. This was a very small event. There were between 45 and 50 cars, trucks and motorcycles in attendance. James happened to be #11 as he made a call on Thursday or Friday to get the details of the show. Susan pre-entered him and he only had to pay $15 instead of $20. There was also a craft show close by. There was a Simply Tasteful representative there. I had just run out of their Tomato Basil Pesto which I love so was glad to be able to pick that up. I had a taco salad for lunch which was delicious. Only paid $3.50. The food stand was a fund raiser for a church building fund, I believe. There is a good chance that this is the last show of the 2010 season for us.

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