Tech Links

In my quest to improve my car, I’ve made some discoveries that may help other enthusiasts.


Window/Door Rattles

Trip Odometer Fix

Pics of Both Types of Overhead Consoles

LED’s in Overhead Console

Color and Cluster

Floppy Sunvisors

Heater Core

Reasons for Mechanical Speedo Woes

ECM and Cruise Control

Under hood

Bearing Plates

Belt Fan to Dual Electrics/Pics and P/Ns

<Serpentine Conversion Kit

Edelbrock 3-pt STB Installers

Under Car

Trans Mount Comparison Pics

Secondary Cross Member

UMI Cross Member

82-88 Discs to 89-92/Pics and P/Ns

Cat Hanger Fix

Are All OE A-arm Created EQual?

T-5 Gear Info

Tips for Installing Axles, Bearings, Seals

FAQ’s About 10-Bolts

Hopefully, the above links were helpful.

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