2016 Car Show Season

It’s official. The 2016 car show season has begun. I must apologize as I did a terrible job keeping track of the events we attended in 2015. I was lazy, I guess, but in my defense it was a terrible season for car shows. It began extremely cool and wet then became extremely hot. We seem to be a fair weather couple and only attend those when the weather is perfect. Hopefully we will attend more shows this summer. I plan to do a better job keeping up with my posts.


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  1. SallyC Says:

    James has had problems with his carburetor the last couple of years. He tells me it is because he doesn’t run the vehicle enough during the winter time. He has been working on that issue for a week or so now. Basically cleaning the carburetor and a few other things that I have no clue what he’s talking about it. He has also been trying to run the car on jaunts around town, around Clinton Lake, and yesterday we took a drive over to Topeka. This has been enjoyable and the car seems to be improving. James is trying to run some cleaner through the system. I think the car is running more smoothly, then what do I know. Anyway, yesterday evening we headed over to Set’em Up Jack’s for the first cruise in of 2016. It was coolish and the wind was strong but less than in the afternoon. There were quite a few cars in attendance but not as many that will be coming in the future. Some believe this is because car owners don’t realize that the cruise ins have started. Others may also have been at home watching the men’s NCAA basketball tournament. Set’em Up has plenty of screens so that certainly isn’t an excuse. Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves and it was good to see old friends. Hope to be blogging again in the not too distant future. For sure the first Saturday in May. Enjoy spring.

  2. SallyC Says:

    We attended the 2nd Set’em Up Jack’s Cruise In of the season on Saturday, May 7. We did not attend any car shows between the 1st and 2nd. Not only did we go on a short jaunt to the Florida peninsula, James is still having issues with the carburetor. He has been working on that off and on since before the last cruise in. It is definitely better but certainly doesn’t meet his standards. So picky. It was a beautiful evening. Many, many cars. This weekend was the Antique Auto Club’s annual swap meet. That starts on Friday and runs thru noon on Sunday. Many of the vendors come to the cruise in for supper. Many of the participants of the cruise in attend the swap meet. I think many people were moving more slowly due to the fact that they had been out in the sun the bulk of the day. One of these days we will actually go to another car show. Not next weekend, though. Our daughter-in-law is receiving her Master’s degree from KU on Saturday. Well, her department is having a ceremony Saturday. The commencement exercises are actually on Sunday. She is having a small gathering Saturday evening. Then our oldest granddaughter is turning 10 this week and we are attending a family party Sunday evening. There goes the weekend. I hope they have the same nice weather that we had Saturday for their celebrations. Until next time!

  3. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, June 4, we once again headed over to Set’em Up Jack’s for their monthly cruise-in. Unfortunately, I had broken an ankle and was tripping around in a delightfully fashionable walking boot. Now that doesn’t have much bearing on the cruise-in but does have bearing on me. I have learned to be careful when going up and down stairs and grass embankments. It was a delightful show. Not as many cars as sometimes but as always gorgeous ones. There was another 3rd gen there so James was delighted. Happened to be our UPS delivery man. Small world. Anyway, he was looking our car over very carefully including underneath. Crazy car lovers. His vehicle was new to him and certainly in great shape Made the evening a success for James. Missed Donna and Dennis. Her mom had fallen and there was some issues that needed to be taken care of. Enjoyed visiting with Carrie. Also told Judy how I was currently reading her son’s book, Year of the Cow. I think it has been a delightful read. Even purchased one for my son to take on their upcoming vacation. It was good to be out among car people again.

  4. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, June 11, we headed to Tonganoxie, Kansas, to attend our first car show of the season. This was held in conjunction with Tonganoxie’s 150 year celebration. It was in the VFW Park as usual. We arrived about 10 and were home about 2 but that is very usual for us. It was late enough that we were lucky to get a spot in some shade. OF course, we had to keep moving our chairs to stay in the shade. It was warm in the sunshine. There lots of cars. The IROC-Z was number 122 but they were handing out the numbers in order. I finished the book, The Year of the Cow, while sitting in the shade. After cleaning up the car, James headed around the park to see the other cars. Yes, another 3rd gen in attendance. Two times in a row. Man, many times, his is the only in attendance. I stayed close to the car and had quite a few visitors stop to visit. We had terrific grilled hamburgers for lunch. My favorite part of the day was when a boy of middle school age stopped by and asked James if he could sit in the car. His grandpa had had a Camaro when he was younger and the boy wanted his photo taken to show his grandfather. I just thought that was nifty. Of course, James said yes. I am so glad we finally attended a show. Missed so many last year due to either cold wet weather or hot dry weather. Didn’t seem to have the in-between perfect weather last summer.

  5. SallyC Says:

    Once again I am getting into bad habits. We’ve attended two car shows that I have not yet added to my blog. On Friday, June 17, we attended the car show that Brandon Woods at Alvamar retirement village hold each year on the Friday of Father’s Day weekend. We have attended in the past but it has been 2 or 3 years. The cars are shown from 11 to 1 and the participants can arrive as early as 9:30. There is not a large parking area. They serve a very nice lunch to the participants and many of the residents eat at the same time. Unfortunately, this year was a bit of a bust. It was extremely hot, heat index was higher yet, and people just did not want to be outside. It was just one of those days. I am still glad that we attended as it is always good to see car show friends.

  6. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, June 18, we attended the Pistons ‘N’ Pin Ups car show in Baldwin, Kansas. We arrived about 10. James found a great spot to park. We were in the shade and there was a park bench close by. We also had a nice breeze which made it fairly pleasant. I read some magazines while James went to see the cars. I think there were quite a few there. One of the bad things about the car shows in Baldwin is that they really don’t have a place for the participants to eat. There is a Daylight Donuts that served sandwiches (our choice) and a Mexican restaurant, El Patron Mexican Food. I think it would be nice if they would also bring in a food truck so there was at least one more food selection. They did have an ice vendor parked close to where we sat. That ice cream sandwich we shared was good. It was gigantic, tho. I couldn’t even eat my half. Even those it was much nicer than yesterday I started getting hot and James kindly brought me home. We were probably back to our place around 2.

  7. SallyC Says:

    We have attended two functions since I last wrote. On Saturday, June 9, we went to the Slow Ride Roadhouse monthly cruise in. It had been a fairly decent day so we decided to head out. This cruise in starts at 4 but it was closer to 5 before we arrived. There weren’t many cars yet it was difficult to find a spot to park. They do have a rather small area for the cars. I would say it was a cozy location. Not many people and not many cars yet it was just nice to sit in the shade and be able to visit with friends and acquaintances. We even met a few we hadn’t met before. The highlight of the evening was for James when one of the bikers stopped to tell him that he had a car just like his when he was younger although it was black. Of course, that made for a long visit and James having to show the engine bay to this fellow and his wife. The black IROC even had a clock in the console which is so unusual. No, the car was long gone. Hind site, this guy wishes he still had the car. It made the evening fun to hear them visit.

    On Saturday, June 16, we headed over to the People’s Choice Car Show in De Soto, Kansas. It was held at the Carriages Houses of Johnson County. We didn’t bother to take the car as we were actually headed to get supper from Ad Astra Food Trucks which was serving at this car show. Also, we had been over there in the past and there were basically no cars. Well, something has definitely happened since we then. It had been a nice day although a bit on the warm side. The cars were pouring into the area. If one could find a parking spot, they would not be able to leave until the end of the show. I believe there were 3 third gen cars. One was a Knight Rider. I am so glad we decided to head over to get supper. (By the way, those Cubans were just as good as the last time we had them.) The cars were amazing. Really big crowd. Hard to tell how many cars were in attendance due to the fact this was in the middle of the Carriage House garages. Many had their garages open. James thought they looked like man caves.

  8. SallyC Says:

    On Saturday, August 6, we once again attended the Set’em Up Jack’s Cruise-in. It was a beautiful weather day. There were many in attendance. Could be that Set’Em Up Jack’s had posted on their blog they were offering 50 percent discounts for the first 50 entrants. Well, we arrived earlier than normal as did many others but in time for the 50 percent discount. That’s not for one meal but for the entrant and a guest. Makes for a very cheap date night. It is always good to get caught up with our car show friends.

  9. SallyC Says:

    On Saturday, September 3, we once again fired up the 85 IROc-Z and headed over to Set’em Up Jack’s for the monthly cruise in. They have been enticing car owners to cruise in early by giving the early birds a 50 percent off coupon. This is not only for the driver but a guest. It makes for a very inexpensive evening and it is always great fun. Lots of cars this month as the weather was about as perfect as it could get. We have fun friends to visit with as well as enjoy our meal. I’m not sure if there is going to be an October cruise in. Hope so. It would be the last one for the year.

  10. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, September 10, James headed over to Broken Arrow Park for the annual End of Summer Fling sponsored by Set’em Up Jack’s and Dale Willey Chevrolet. This is a car show as well as a BBQ contest. There are never as many cars here as I think there should be. There was a car show over in Perry and maybe that is why. This also was a beautiful day. We were worried the park was going to be a muddy mess as there had been lots of rain during the week but it wasn’t. Boz and I headed over after I had walked him at the mutt run. This is one of the few that he gets to come with us. Seth, Mo, Zeke, and Mary also joined us. They rode over on their bicycles. For $5 one had a couple of choices. You could have all you wanted to eat at the BBQ contest or the meal which included a BBQ sandwich (pulled pork, brisket, or chicken, I believe), pub chips, and a drink. Both were great deals. If you chose the BBQ contest you got to vote on your favorite meat and side dish. Once again a great day.

  11. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, September 24, we attended the Rev It Up Car show on Mass Street in downtown Lawrence. This is our favorite car show. James actually left the house shortly after 7. He, Butch, and sometimes Dennis like to arrive early to get their favorite car spots. This is the perfect venue for a car show. Close to the downtown area if one wants to shop for a bit. Trees on both sides of the street so almost all the car entrants have shade to sit in. There are just great cars here. Most people have done the work on their own vehicles. Amazing. I didn’t arrive at South Park until about 10:30. I was slower so I could walk Boz out at the mutt run. Sometimes I bring Boz with me but we were celebrating Seth’s 41st birthday. Almost the entire family was in attendance. Dominic, of course, is in school at Pittsburg. He was missed. Seth chose India Palace for lunch. That worked out great as they have a very nice lunch buffet. It did make our time in the restaurant quicker so James could get back to the car. I did want to mention that there were 3 food trucks available for the first time. If we hadn’t been celebrating a birthday, we would have been trying out one of those for lunch. Another great car show. We have several still to attend this fall. Going to be a great car show fall although we missed quite a few during the summer months.