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This site is dedicated to my hobby, an 1985 IROC-Z. I purchased the two-owner, 54-thousand-mile car, in the fall of 1992 for my son. He sold the car to me in the summer of 1995.

My plan for the car was simple in the beginning: I wanted everything to be stock and to function as designed. To that end, I was forced to locate IROC wheels and a J65 rear end–apparently one of the previous owners had swapped them for unknown reasons. The car was repainted in its original Met. Silver and upholstered in Camaro black and tweed. Hobbiest craziness grabbed me at that point and the LG4 was modded: Summit cam, Edelbrock intake, Q-jet tweaks and performance hangers and rods, L69 dual snorkel set-up (I was lucky enough to buy the ducts and hoses new from GM), L69 exhaust manifolds, Y-pipe, high-flow cat, and L69 intermediate pipe. For an LG4, the car got down the road pretty darned good. But, of course, that power wasn’t enough. And the suspension, although good, wasn’t good enough. And the braking system was good but not good enough. Are they ever? What follows is the current configuration:

Drive Train: 350 HO Deluxe (350ci/330hp), GM lightweight flywheel, CenterForce II clutch kit, OE T-5 with B&M Ripper short-throw and Hammer shifter, 1LE aluminum drive shaft, OE 3.23’s with limited slip, Moser axles, and Summit alum differential cover.

Exhaust: Hooker headers, Catco hi-flow cat, Hooker cat-back with OEM tail pipes–hey, I’ve always favored the “sleeper” look!

Suspension: Edelbrock 3-point STB, Spohn spherical strut mounts, Koni Reds, Moog IROC springs, Global West steering box brace and SFC’s, Hotchkis tie-rod sleeves, 1LE sway bars with Energy Suspension end links and Top-Down Solutions greaseable 36mm front and ES greaseable 24mm rear bushings, Edelbrock torque arm, UMI transmission cross member, Spohn adjustable lower control arms and panhard. ES motor, tranny, torque arm, bump stops, and tie-rod boots, Prothane A-arm bushings.

Brakes: Spohn 1LE front brake kit, PBR rears, Hawk’s pads, Earl’s braided lines.

Other Mods: GM dual electric fans. Twin Lear/Seigler Conteur seats, overhead console with LED’s, 145 mph speedo and 5500 red-line tach, MBA billet pedals, Alpine CD player and Kenwood speakers, Grant Signature Series steering wheel with black billet sleeve and silver ‘Camaro’ horn button, and CIPA mirror (auto dimming, temp, compass). Sylvania Silverstars. Propart clear side markers.

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