2013 Car Show Season

Here it is May 17 and I have not yet written in my diary. Shame on me. We have been to a couple of cruise-ins at Set-em Up Jack’s but not a car show. It has been a most unusual spring in Kansas. We even had snow at the first of May. No, it didn’t accumulate but considering we could see it in the air at this time of the year is very strange. Looks like we will get to our first car show this Saturday. Weather forecast is good. Here is to a great season seeing many outstanding vehicles and visiting with good friends.


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  1. SallyC Says:

    On Saturday, April 6, we went to our first car show event of 2013. It was one of our favorites, the monthly cruise-in at Set’em Up Jack’s. It was a beautiful evening and there were tons of vehicles there. Many of which I had not seen before. We enjoyed visiting with friends and seeing the vehicles which we hadn’t seen before. It was such a pleasant evening to sit out and enjoy the evening. This was during March Madness and Wichita State was playing. Many were at Set’em Up Jack’s for the basketball game. Unfortunately, the Shockers lost. Sorry it took me so long to get this up and running. Took me forever just to figure out how to allow comments. Before luck for 2014.

  2. SallyC Says:

    It was a long month. The second car show event didn’t happen for us until Saturday, May 4. April was long, wet, and cold. Even had snow. Who would believe that. For the second time this year we attended the cruise-in at Set’em Up Jack’s. It had been a nasty week and the day was also not very nice. We did make it, though. The crowd was so small they actually took down the signs to save the parking area for the cruise-in vehicles. We were still allowed to sign in and get the 33 % off coupon for our food. We did not take the IROC-Z but our brand new Magma Red Metallic 370Z. There were quite a few eating but not many brought their cars. We didn’t stick around much because it was too cold.

  3. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, May 18, we attended our first car show of the 2013 season. I don’t remember when it was this late in May. The Olathe Police Foundation car show at the corner of Chestnut and Santa Fe was nice but small. There were at least 56 vehicles as I saw that number on a late vehicle. No other 3rd gens but several 1st gens, a couple of 4th gens, and a 5th gen. James visited with another a man with a very new Mustang. He wanted to know if it had been a bucket list checkmark. It was. We drove over with some friends in their Vette which gave them some problems. Hopefully, that will be repaired very soon. They were able to get it started to return home. We followed them to Lawrence so felt comfortable they would make it the rest of the way. It was a beautiful day. Cloudy much of it so just very comfortable outside. DIdn’t get above 90. We ate lunch at Doughy’s which was very good. We could not believe the variety of food that was available. We all had different items and all looked delicious. I need to remember to get the homemade chips next time. Tasted one or two which were very good. We left at 2 so we could get back for our oldest granddaughter’s 7th birthday party. All in all, a very nice day.

  4. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, June 1, we once again headed to Set’em Up Jack’s for their monthly cruise in. Nice crowd there this time with a few vehicles that we have never seen before. It was good to see vehicles we are familiar with as well as the new ones. We do look forward to this every month. It was a lovely evening. Cool and windy but glad it wasn’t too hot or wet. We have had lots and lots of rain. Lawrence is needing that, though. We didn’t stay very long. We don’t seem to be our usual energetic selves. We are hoping that goes away quickly. Looking forward to attending the VFW show in Tonganooxie next week. Sure hope that it doesn’t rain.

  5. SallyC Says:

    Friday, June 7, our 44th wedding anniversary, Freddy’s had their 1st cruise in of the season. Big turnout. Several cars we hadn’t seen before. If one buys their shirt, you get a discount every time you eat there. At the same time, if you register your car, two of you get a 20% discount on your meals. I tried a grilled chicken sandwich without mayo which wasn’t too bad. I must admit, though, their hamburger and fries are much better. I did enjoy some of James’s fries. It was a beautiful Friday evening which is probably why so many people were there. We were lucky to find out about this. I guess they gave out that information on at Set’em Up Jack’s last Saturday but we missed it. Good thing Donna let me know.

  6. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, June 8, we traveled to Tonganoxie to attend the VFW car show which is done in conjunction with the Tongie Days. I really enjoy this show as it is in a park and just a nice venue. For the first time ever, we took our dog, Boz, with us to a show. That was an experience. I don’t believe he liked the backseat of the Camaro as he jumped our a window as soon as we arrived. James was not a happy camper when this occurred. Was quite worried Boz had scrateched the paint. Fortunately, he hadn’t but there are some marks on the rubber around the window. Boz also wanted to jump out at a very busy intersection as we turning to come home. Window went back up immediately. Boz did jump out the window when we got home. More marks on the window rubber. We might take Boz again but will know to keep the windows up. We must be going to a park as a car show located in a parking lot would just be too hot for the dog. Another issue was the food at the show. I had read my comment from last year and was all set for the delicious hamubrger I had mentioned. Very reasonably priced plus very good. Well, by the time we ate our lunch the hamburgers were gone. Had to be satisfied with a hot dog. I never did find out how good that was as somehow Boz, under the control of James, ate my hot dog. Went back to get another one, hot dogs all gone as well. Good grief. By the way, James won a trophy for having a car in the top 20. I am glad he won but he didn’t feel like his car was one of the top 20. There were some very nice vehicles in attendance.

  7. SallyC Says:

    Friday, June 14, we attended a small car show at Brandon Woods, a retirement community in Lawrence, Kansas. I believe the idea is that the residents are able to do a little walking down memory lane. I visited with several residents and really enjoyed meeting them. I believe several of the residents had cars on show. Brandon Woods served us a very nice lunch at there Smith Center. I was very impressed with the facilities that I saw. We had seen most of the cars at many of the local events. No matter how small the venue it does seem like there are always one or two new ones. I would be glad to attend this event again.

  8. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, June 15, we attended another small car show at a local retirement community, Windsor of Lawrence. Once again very enjoyable. There weren’t too many hot rods but the Brittish car club was there with some very interesting cars. There was a blue Lotus as well as a right-hand drive MG. The owners were all very nice and willing to visit about their cars. The served a nice lunch. The only problem was the hot dogs. The hot dogs were good but it was the second day in a row for hot dogs. I am hoping not to have another hot dog for a few days. Make that several weeks. May hot dogs not be what is served this coming Saturday.

  9. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, June 22, we attended the car show held in conjunction with the Pork & Pie Fest at the Lone Star Church of the Brethern. This was a small car show but it was just a very pleasant. Hot but we did have a shady place to sit. It didn’t start until 11 am which is perfect. No entry fee and one owner was provided a lunch ticket. We purchased mine for $10.50. If I had skipped the sweet potato fries, it would have only been $7.50. The menu included pork burgers and homemade pie. I had never had a pork burger before and thought it was delicious. The church members cooked and served the meal. They were so friendly and nice which makes me want to go back next year. Restrooms were in the church. One interesting thing that happened while we were there was the high speed truck chase that came down the road then around the corner. The truck driver was lucky not to turn over as he rounded the corner. The sheriff in the SUV slowed some for the corner.

  10. SallyC Says:

    Friday, July 5, we headed to Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers for their 1st Friday of the month cruise-in. They are always a bit disorganized at the beginning. Don’t have the clipboard for us to sign up on nor the coupons for our meal discount. Oh well, as long as the weather is good, it makes for an enjoyable evening. Always a nice group of people to visit with. Many we see every time we attend a Lawrence cruise-in. But there is always somebody there with a vehicle we haven’t seen before. There were at least two I hadn’t seen before. A 55 Chevy and, I believe, a 1939 Ford pickup . I guess I had better find out if I am correct on the last one. James took some clippers to cut off a few branches of the tree that we sit under. Hope that nobody is upset with us. We were tired of those limbs hanging in our face. Much nicer after the trim job. I tried a Chicago Style Hot Dog for supper. Interesting but good. There were some sport peppers that packed quite a punch. Also a sweet, that I am guessing was sweetened sauerkraut. We will miss the first Friday in August as we are heading to Antioch, Illinois, that day.

  11. SallyC Says:

    First Saturday of the month, July 6, and we head over to Set’em Up Jack’s. Quite the crowd even though it looked like rain at any moment. Nothing threatening in the forecast so just wet. Of course, there was hardly a drop while we were there. It was such a pleasant evening to sit outside. That is two evenings in a row. I do believe the food selection is better here than at Freddy’s except for the French fries. I could not believe the number of cars in attendance that I had not seen before. We took the 370Z this time. I don’t believe in taking a new car but many knew we had purchased this and wanted to see it. Don’t believe we will be doing that for very often. One of my favorite vehicles was a 1951 Mercedes purchased recently by some friends. I had never seen one of this era before and just thought it was awesome. I think it could be made to a very enjoy road trip car. We are off to Wisconsin the first weekend of August so will miss the next cruise in.

  12. SallyC Says:

    Finally attended another car show yesterday. This was the 4th Annual Car Show and Block Party hosted by the Bonner Springs Church of the Nazarene. We almost didn’t go because we had a rain shower about 6 am. This seems to happen to us frequently. We decided to meet friends for breakfast at First Watch in Lawrence. The rain stopped and things began to get dry. So even though it was still cloudy and threatening, we headed to Bonner Springs. Glad we did although the humidity about did us in. Many nice cars and more kept pulling in during the day. This show was scheduled to be done by 2 with awards at 1:30. The were getting ready to annouce awarads as we pulled out at 1:15. I actually purchased a couple of items at the vendors, an olive oil balsamic vinegar combination at one both and a dried pesto combination from another. Shame on me. We didn’t eat simply because it was just too hot. They did have hot dogs, brats, and pulled pork sandwiches. Bathrooms were inside the church. They also had bouncy houses for the children. Which was nice for us because our son and family stopped by. The day was short but it was nice. Just wish the humidity hadn’t been so high.

  13. SallyC Says:

    Off to Bonner Springs again. Two Bonner Saturdays in a row. Yesterday we attended the 40th Annual Car and Truck Show at the Agriculture Hall of Fame. It was a beautiful day thus a great location for a car show. They had us park next to a 1 1/2 ton 1930 (?) Chevrolet gas truck. I had never seen anything like it. Very, very nice. It was close to the loud speakers for music so we were worried. Fortunately, the speakers were directed away from us and the volume was just right. That is until they came on with annoucements. Turned them up and almost blew us away. The IROC-Z was number 77 and quite a few cars came in after us. Once again no other Third Gens, though. We look forward to the Camaro Fest. Sure hope the weather is good this year. Anyway, back to yesterday. The food was terrific. They were charcoaling burgers, etc., near the barn. Very reasonably priced. I had a hamburger for $2.50 and James had the cheeseburger meal which included chips and drink for $4.50. He also had a nice sized piece of homemade cherry pie for $2. The food was inside the barn where we could have eaten but chose to sit outside by the cars. Just too nice to be inside. The bathrooms were also in the barn. If the day had been hot, there were no trees to sit under although those that were parked near buildings could sit on the side and be protected from the sun. There were quite a few doing that yesterday. Many participants put up their tents. Our chairs with their built in umbrellas were perfect. I would attend this show again.

  14. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday it was off to the 27th Annual Leavenworth Car Cruisers car show in Leavenworth, Kansas. We barely made it in time to register as we took the dog to the doggie daycare (good grief). That place doesn’t open until 10 am and it is a 45 minute drive. We drove K10 to K7. K7 turns to 4th street in Leavenworrth where Ray Miller Park is and the location of this year’s show. The Camaro registered in as number 186. A very nice crowd with a very large number of outstanding vehicles. It would be hard to say what my favorite was. There was one other 3rd gen. James took many photos to post on the Google+ auto enthusiast community. He gets many comments on these. It is fun. Although this was a park there were not very many shade trees. The temp stayed under 80 so that wasn’t a big deal yesterday but could be in the future. Also, this park had no running water so consequently the only facilities were port-a-potties. Certainly not my favorite. Food was great, though, and very reasonably priced. I had a taco salad for $4 and James had a pulled pork sandwich for $3, chips $1, and cookies $1. They also had hamburgers, cheeseburger, and brats. Besides no running water, this was a great car show and a beautiful day to go with it.

  15. SallyC Says:

    August 24, 2013, Saturdaym we attended the annual Camaro Fest at E.H. Young Waterfront Park in Riverside, Missouri. We had not attended the last couple of years due to poor weather. The fest had also been moved to different locations due to the Missouri River flooding. I am glad they were able to return to the park. It was a beautiful day but hot. We brought Boz with us. There were 174 Camaros which was a record number. We parked next to a 1987 IROC-Z. James thinks there were approximately 12 third gen vehicles. We left home about 9:30. The trip was around 45 minutes, via K10, I-35, and i-635N. Excited at Argosy Casino Parkway then followed the signs. The food vendor was Little Richards Family and BBQ restaurant from Independence. Food was good and reasonably priced. $6 for a hamburger or cheese burger with fries. There were other sandwich options as well as 4 ribs for $8. They needed to have more condiments for the burgers. For the first time since we started attending this fest, James did not win his class, 1982-92 modified. He did think the car that won deserved it. Felt like he should have received the gold but came home with silver. Oh well, there is always another year. They were very slow giving out the awards. We didn’t get home until almost 6 which made for a very long day outside.

  16. SallyC Says:

    Headed over to Freddy’s Cruise In last night. We missed last month as we were out of town. I don’t know if they will have one in October or not, but we will be in Fort Collins visiting my sister and her husband. You could tell that it is getting close to the end of the season as there were not near as many cars. Freddy’s had not even set aside the parking area for the cruise in cars. Don’t know why. Towards the end of the evening a Thunderbird that I had never seen came rolling through. It was very, very nice. My son and his family stopped by. It was grandson #2’s 5th birthday. He was all smiles and I think he had a fun day. His sister is almost walking and entertained all of us by just standing. We had a good visit with the Wards whom we had not seen since the end of July. All in all, it was a very pleasant evening.

  17. SallyC Says:

    Headed to Set’em Up Jack’s for their final cruise in of 2013. We do enjoy these evening and will be glad when they start again next spring. The number of cars was smaller then usual when we first arrived but by the time we left I believe the number of attendees was pretty normal. Set’em Up Jack’s is a location for KU fans to catch a shuttle bus to the home football games. Parking lot was crowded for that reason. Very hot when we first drove over but after we ate it had cooled down quite a bit and was pleasant sitting in the shade. Next week Set’em Up hosts their summer end blow out at Broken Arrow park. This is always a fun show. Hope the weather is good.

  18. SallyC Says:

    September 14, Set’em UP jack’s hosted their end of summer blow out at Broken Arrow park. As usual, this was a fun show and we had great weather. Our son and his two youngest stopped by for a bit. Mary Jane proceeded to impress everybody by standing up on her own. There was not as big a crowd as sometimes. Not sure where everyone had gone. There were other cars in the area. james headed over fairly early but I did the grocery shopping then Boz and I headed over as well. This is one of the few shows we attend that has beer for sale. All proceeds go to a local charity. I like the shows that are for a local charity. Set’em Up also gives all entrants two tickets to use for drink or food items. I paid $5 for food for 3 of us. I then donated more. All in all, a great shoal

  19. SallyC Says:

    September 28, Saturday, was the Rev’ It Up car show in downtown Lawrence. The close Mass street by South park to accommodate the cars. Once again, this is a favorite. The only car show I register in advance because we get an email receipt which we can use for tax purposes. This year the proceeds went to the Ballard Center in Lawrence. Another great charity. Unfortunately, ti was cold and rainy. The only day all week it was that way. We did not even take the Camaro to the show. Basically, it was so cold one would need to sit in the car. We did take charge and sit and visit with our friends for a bit. James also took photos which he would post in the Google auto community that he likes. Once again our son and the two little ones. We walked down to The Wild Pho for lunch. I had never heard of this restaurant or pho. It was definitely a good choice as it warmed us up. Daughter-in-law was getting her hair cut and joined us for lunch. Just as I was ready to go home and curl up for a wet cold day, the sun pops out. More cars started arriving at the show. Did they have a good turn out. No, but better than it could have been if the sun hadn’t shown up. Let’s hope that next year the weather is more cooperative.

  20. SallyC Says:

    Sunday, September 29, we headed to Basehor, Kansas, car, truck, and motorcycle show. This was their 16th annual show. We had never attended this and were quite surprised at how large an event it was. It was held in the parking lot of the Basehor-Linwood High School. This had been postponed from yesterday because of the rain. There was a great turn out considering it wasn’t on the original day. Registration was $20 either the day of or pre-registered. Those who had registered in advance received a free t-shirt. We traveled over with our hot rod friends. Left town shortly after 8:30 and were there shortly after 9. Took Boz with us. He was fairly well behaved. It was perfect weather. Sunny and cool. If it had been sunny and hot, we would ot have been able to take the dog with us. Too hot sitting on the black top. We could have sat in the grass but never made the move because it was so pleasant. james took lot of photos. I don’t think I could pick my favorite car. Many I had not seen before. The concession stand was very reasonably priced. We had BBQ sandwiches with chips and a soda. Will attend this show again weather permitting.

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