2015 Car Show Season

The 2015 car show season has arrived. Actually it started a month ago but we went to our first event just yesterday. Read the comments for more information.

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2 Responses to “2015 Car Show Season”

  1. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday evening we attended Set’em Up Jack’s cruise in. Not their first cruise in this season but the first we attended. James was under the weather last month so we stayed home. That is always such a disappointment as Set’em Up’s is within 5 minutes of our house. It was good to see old friends and their cars. Always a new vehicle or two. This also happened to be the weekend of the Antique Car Club swap meet which draws lots of people and vehicles to Lawrence. Many good buys at the swap meet. James didn’t find anything he needed but did find a miter saw for our son. Son was at Home Depot looking at a new one when James called him. I think the new one was priced over $125. James picked this one up for $40. I didn’t stay as long at the cruise in as my friend from Scandia was coming through town. She was wanting to see my new countertops and I was glad to show her. She stopped and picked me up and we headed to our place. A good way for us to start the 2015 car show season.

  2. SallyC Says:

    This has been a most unusual car show season for us. In fact the only one we have attended until September 12 were the Set’em Up Jack’s Cruise-Ins. We have not missed one of those since the first one we attended in May. We went to the June, July, August, and September cruise-ins. If there is one in October, we will also attend that. On September 12 we attended the End of Summer Flight hosted by Set’em Up Jack’s and several others. It was a beautiful day. James went on over earlier and I did some laundry to prepare for our Fort Collins departure on Sunday. Boz and I joined him about noon. Seth and Mary Jane had arrived a bit earlier. This is show is held in the Broken Arrow park which is a great venue for the little ones. We picked up lunch from the BBQ contest that was also going on in conjunction with the show. It was terrific. For $5 you would receive food from each of the contestants. You could pretty much have as much as you wanted. It would be easy to overeat. One could also vote on the contestants. I have no idea who won but all the contestants had great food. Cheap lunch, besides. There were quite a few cars although not as many as their could have been. Too much competition from other car shows in the area. We particularly like this one because it is local and a great place for the kids to play as well. We are always glad when family members can join us. That is hard to do when we travel out of town. I would certainly recommend this car show to others in the future.