2014 Car Show Season

The 2014 car show season has begun. Just like the 2013 season, we began with a cruise-in at Set’Em Up Jack’s. This is a monthly cruise-in. We enjoy this event and try to attend every month. There have been a few times the weather didn’t cooperate. But as long as it is dry, we can go even if only for a short period of time. It will be interesting to see how soon we actually travel to a car show this year. 2013 we didn’t attend one until May 4.


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  1. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday, April 26, we attended our first car show of the season, FLIP KC Car Show 2014, in Bonner Springs. Bonner is a 3o minute drive from Lawrence. It wasn’t the nicest of days. In the past we would not have gone due to the rain in the forecast. There was no hail in any of my web app forecast so off we went. We were one of the very first ones to arrive. That is highly unusual. James was registered as number 3. Unbelievable. Registration was from 9 to 11. There were no other vehicle for quite sometime. I think because it was damp with some light rain from time to time. Also, a bit cool. We had a nice place to sit and there was a very nice antique/consignment store associated with the show. I actually purchased an apron. I had been needing a new one. This one was very reasonably priced. The awards were given early so we stayed for those. Home by 3 or 3:30. Not a bad day but the attendance of the show was poor. If it had been a hot day, we were parked on pavement. The FLIP store allowed us to use the restrooms in their store so inside plumbing available. We walked about 2 blocks to a Dairy Queen for lunch. They did have hot dogs at the car show but we thought it would be nice to sit inside for a bit. My friend Donna and I also shopped the stores in historic downtown Bonner. They do have some good ones.

  2. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, May 3, we attended the first Saturday of the month cruise in at Set’em Up Jack’s. We always enjoy visiting with friends and see the cars. Set’em Up Jack’s has great food which we always enjoy with our 33 percent off coupon. This is for both of our meals. James, of course, always enjoys a nice cold Free State oatmeal stout beer.

  3. SallyC Says:

    On Saturday May 10, James attended the Olathe Police Foundation car show in downtown Olathe. He followed friends over which made me feel better. I didn’t attend as I stayed in Lawrence to see my granddaughter’s, Ash, dance showcase at the Lawrence Art Center. It was an outstanding showcase with the best part, of course, being Ash’s I wish I were a Butterfly with her class. She did a terrific job. I also went to the Monarch Watch on the KU campus with the our son and his family. I had a good day although did miss attending the car show with James. There were about 50 cars in attendance. I guess about half of those were 2000 or newer. He and the Wards ate breakfast at the Cainco Downtown Diner. He ate his lunch after he returned home. I think it was a good day for him. I enjoyed mine as well.

  4. SallyC Says:

    Our 45th wedding anniversary was Saturday, June 7. Who would believe I could live with this guy for that long. Pretty impressive, I think. I am pretty glad we have stuck together all that time. I sure enjoy having him around. Anyway, to celebrate we attended Set’em Up Jack’s Cruise In. It had been a very wet morning but the rain stopped and the sun came out about 5 when we headed over to the cruise-in. Nice crowd although maybe not as many cars. Many more people, though. After our rainy day, it was nice to get out and about. While eating, we were able to enjoy the running of the Belmont Stakes. There was a possibility of a Triple Crown winner but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Heading to Brandon Woods and Tonganoxie at the end of next week.

  5. SallyC Says:

    Friday, June 13, and Saturday, June 14, we attended two different car shows. They were at retirement communities in Lawrence. We went to the same two shows last year. The one on Friday was at Brandon Woods. It was a beautiful day. There were so many cars that James parked the Camaro on the street. That was okay. We were very late getting there as James had been busy assembling our new home theatre. Our daughter and her daughters also stopped in for a minute. Thus slowing us down. I am sure the Camaro was the newest vehicle in attendance so it was okay that we were off on the street. There were some beautiful cars. Seth, Zeke, and Mary stopped by and ate lunch with us. It was good to see the bulk of the children on Friday. Brandon Woods served a terrific lunch. I had a charcoal grilled hamburger which was delicious. Yes, I would attend this show again. Then on Saturday The Windsor of Lawrence was the host. They said the show was featuring the British Motor Club. Not one British vehicle was there. In fact, only 5 cars came. We sat around for about an hour then headed to Conroy’s Pub for lunch. We visited with longtime friends and met some new couples. It was a nice day. Just not the way that we planned. We will not go to The Windsor of Lawrence car show again. In fact, I would be extremely surprised if they have another one. It was certainly a bust.

  6. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, June 21, we attended the 1st annual Honey of a Cruizz-In and flea market at Columbus Hall in Lawrence. It was pretty hot and the cars were parked on asphalt. The show didn’t start until 11 am which is about the time we drove over. There were between 15 and 20 cars. No entry fee and some prizes. Winners were determined by the participants. Food looked good but we didn’t eat while we were there. There was a vendor selling Indian tacos and fried hot dogs among other things. I would have liked to have seen one of those hot dogs. There were quite a few booths for the flea market. Some were outside and some were inside. We didn’t stay very long. Probably between 2 and 3 hours. Headed home to the cool of our house.

  7. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, July 5, we headed over to Set’em Up Jack’s for their monthly cruise-in. The weather was pleasant with just enough breeze to be comfortable. Lots of nice vehicles and great people to eat and visit with. I tried a new dish at the restaurant, a Twisted Turkey Club. Very good and would certainly recommend. I don’t think that James has had the Camaro out of the garage since we attended the Honey of a Cruizz-in. We are looking forward to attending the cruise-in at the beginning of August.

  8. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, July 19, we headed to Bonner Springs, Kansas, to attend the 5th Annual Car and Block Show held at the Bonner Springs Church of the Nazarene. We arrived around 9:45. Early for us. We attended last year as well. This is a nice show. Probably around 50 cars. Last year we sat on the asphalt because it had been rainy but this year we were in the grass. That made it much nicer. I sprayed for chiggers and fortunately came away with no bites. It was a very pleasant day with the highs in the upper 70s while we were there. We were not in the shade but fortunately had our umbrella chairs to sit in. It was warm if you weren’t in the shade. We enjoyed a grilled hamburger for lunch. Inexpensive but they could have provided a few more condiments. As usual, we left before the awards were made. These are chosen by participant vote. We were home to take Boz on a short walk by a little after two. The church members support this event. Many spectators came by to see the cars. They have activities for the children to include bouncy houses and face painting. It was a morning and afternoon to be outside.

  9. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, July 26, we attended the Show N Shine Car & Truck Show held at the National Agriculture Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs, Kansas. We really enjoyed this show in 2013 so were very excited to be able to attend again. Unfortunately, the high for the day was forecast to be near 100. I truly believe that kept some participants away. They did not have near the attendance this year as last. James did win a trophy as one of the top 60 cars. We left before the awards were given out but fortunately good friends picked that up for us. The temperature did not get near the forecast high. It turned out to be cloudy with a little drizzle from time to time. Actually, perfect weather for siting outside. Our friends had a tent which they very kindly shared. The VFW Ladies were cooking for lunch. Tasty hamburgers and hot dogs as well as delicious homemade pies. We will go again if given the opportunity.

  10. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday was the first Saturday of the month. So off to Set’em Up Jack’s for their monthly cruise-in. I always enjoy this. We thought the crowd was particularly large this time. Many new cars which I had not seen before. Always new people and old friends to visit with. It was a very pleasant evening weather wise. Already looking forward to the first Saturday in September.

  11. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, August 9, we attended Slow Ride’s monthly cruise in. We had been to this once before but it had been several years ago. That time, there were hardly any cars. It was set up in the parking lot which made it hot as there is no shade. They have moved it to a small grassy area with a large quantity of shade trees. A much more pleasant environment. The area was the perfect size for a small cruise in. It was very full of cars, though. Many very nice ones. Many we had seen before. We should go earlier next time if we want a better parking spot. Food was okay. I had fried catfish but will probably try something else next time. This restaurant is a biker restaurant. A bit different venue than most places we go. I like the atmosphere, though. Service wasn’t great but we should remember that car enthusiasts are not their normal clientele. Seth, Dominic, Zeke, Mary, and Fumiya came to see the cars. Fumiya is visiting from Japan. He was here about 4 years ago with the Lawrence sister city exchange. My son has kept in touch with him all this time and he has returned. He seems like such a nice boy. I believe he is 16. A pleasant evening for all.

  12. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, August 16, we attended the 28th annual Leavenworth Car Cruisers show at Ray Miller Park in Leavenworth, KS. WOW, there were many cars. Between 150 and 200. Quite a few we had seen before but many were new. The only issue is that this park does not have running water. There were quite a few port-a-potties sitting around but sure would like running water. We arrived about 9:30 and have some great friends that had saved us a place. They also have a small tent that we sat under. Didn’t hardly need the tent, though. It was cloudy most of the day. Actually, a very pleasant day weather wise. They also have a nifty little table that we could sit our drinks and food on. Too bad it has a Jayhawk on it. Tee-hee. One thing about this car show is that they do have great food. They make the best charcoal hamburgers. Then they sell them for only $2. If you want two patties, then it’s $3. Can’t beat that. We took Boz with us as this is a park and he does tend to stay pretty close. I would certainly recommend this car show to anybody that has a vehicle they want to share.

  13. SallyC Says:

    Today we attended the Rev’ It Up Car Show in downtown Lawrence. This is the 3rd year that it has been held on Mass St. By far the best attendance for those 3 years. First was well attended but nothing like today. Last year it was a cold and damp day. Consequently attendance was lower. James went really early. I am guessing he was parked by 7:30. Boz and I didn’t go until about 11. He and I went for a walk at the mutt run. I also needed to get a few things completed at the house. We are leaving on a road trip tomorrow and must have clothes to wear. It was a very sunny, hot day. Brought out the crowds to downtown Lawrence. Not only was the car show going on but the annual Busker Fest was also this weekend. I think each event helped the other. Because of James’s early arrival, we were able to sit in the sun. Of course, the bathrooms at the wading pool were open for our use. The hamburgers were once again delicious. Very reasonably priced at $3 for a single burger, $5 for a double. The nice thing about this is that the proceeds all go to a charitable organization in Lawrence. This year I believe that is the Ballard Center. This is such a nice way to support a local charity. I am hoping we can attend again next year.

  14. SallyC Says:

    Yesterday we went to Set’em Up Jack’s Summer’s End Cruise In and BBQ battle at Broken Arrow Park. I do believe there were more cars than last year. We had another great weather day although it was very cool early. James headed over shortly after 11. Boz and I headed that way about 30 minutes later. All of our son’s family came as well as his mother-in-law. Seth and I had the $5 plate from the BBQ contestants. We then were able to vote for our favorite BBQ. There were 5 choices. James and Louise had the $5 BBQ plate which included BBQ beef sandwich, cole slaw or baked beans, and pub chips. Looked good. James’s sandwich was so big that he could not eat all of it. Skipped the bun and some of the meat. We headed home about 2:30. James has had viral bronchitis and is still tiring easily. Will be glad when he is back to normal.

  15. SallyC Says:

    Saturday, September 27, we attended the Cruise-in Car Show at the First Church of the Nazarene just outside of Lawrence. This is one of my favorite car shows. It is a great family event. We missed last year due to another show in downtown Lawrence. I was glad we were able to go this year. I didn’t look the cars over very well as this was our weekend to take care of our son’s children while they were off to the wedding of his brother-in-law. They have so much for the kids to do. They also have a wonderful chicken ‘n noodles dinner. There were quite a few cars in attendance which was great as there were at least two other car shows in the vicinity. Boz, the kids, and I were only there for about 1 ½ hours. Time for lunch and to play on the bouncy slide house. We had a great time. James also enjoyed the show although he is still recuperating from viral bronchitis and the sun really wore him out. I sure hope that this show doesn’t conflict with any of our more favorite shows next season.